Javontae E., 13.JPG

Javontae E.

-Age 13-

Nobody hugs a tree like me. I love to stop and feel the heat. After all it can provide you with fresh-air and hide you from a bear. It always has different colors. You can even give a leaf to your mother. Now stop and smell the fresh air. This picture is more than it looks like because this picture tells me about life and how to fight. It teaches me wrong from right. This tree tells me to stand tall and never fall.


Sam Nelson.JPG

Samuel N.

-Age 13-

I am not a construction site, I am a symbol of hope. I am an inspiration in a big city. I will soon poke through the clouds and bring light upon the darkness.


Latee Wandick 12.JPG

Latee W.

-Age 12-

Freedom: the picture makes me feel nice and happy and free to be a kid. Because kids need to grow up and do something in life. Because when I’m in the water it makes my life different.


Amariona 15_1.JPG

Amariana T.

-Age 15-

Behind everything there is still hope, even if you cannot see it. Hope is about freedom, but you need a little direction to succeed. Because behind everything there is still hope even if you can’t see it. And things will have to fall apart for them to fall together. The word hope is about standing up for ourselves.


Nyla Webb 12_1.JPG

Nyla W.

-Age 12-

My hope is peaceful because I escape from off the block and was able to meet new people. Trust my friends and be able to have fun without having to worry about someone doing something that they shouldn’t be doing. Being able to have a good sleep and not having to wake up because of gun shots.  


Ki’Shay B.

-Age 15-

Hope: I look at this picture and see hope. She is coming my way. Full of laughter, full of joy. Going with the flow. And letting go, it’s a dream come true.


Christian J.

-Age 12-

Always go towards the light and away from the darkness. I feel that if you keep this mindset you can avoid trouble. I am the youngest boy in my family and my brothers and sisters give hope instead of negative impact. My brother, Christopher, who I look up to the most inspires me to go towards the future. I’ve been around people with a negative attitude, but my brother Christopher always looks towards to good things in life.

Malik M., Age 15.JPG

Malik M.

-Age 15-

Reaching Towards Peace

When challenges and expectations of people block your way, just remember that only you can make a path toward that light where your true happiness and peace lies. Even when you can’t get past all the challenges and expectations of people, there is always at least one person that’s willing to help and support you along the way.

Triniti S., Age 16.JPG

Triniti S.

-Age 16-

Hope is about not giving up. Hope is about having a dream that can one day come true. This picture represents me taking a leap into my future.

LaShawn B., Age 14.jpg

LaShawn B.

-Age 14-

In my eyes, hope is the ability to face your fears head on instead of avoiding them. At OTSC there is no sense of fear, only captivity and peace. In the photo, Warren is afraid of performing the dive but he perseveres through the challenge. This relates to how living on the westside and growing up in such a high crime neighborhood is a hardship that us kids face but we aspire to rise above.

Deonte Walker 15.jpg

Deonte W.

-Age 13-

I took this because I think kids should follow their dream and be free without people telling them they can’t do it. And to me, when I ride my bike, I feel free. Kids can’t pursue their dream and reach their full potential because of gang affiliation. The future belongs to those who prepare.